More channels to stay in touch

channelsAs you may know from the registration disclaimer: JS.ORG is in an ALPHA-phase. So I thought it could be usefull to provide some additional and reliable channels to get the good news spread.

JS.ORG is fresh on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and waits for some following, liking and adding. There is also a RSS feed you can subscribe to. You will find all the links in the navbar at the top of the page.

A dwarf,
standing on the shoulders of giants

logos of foundation wordpressThis was a long weekend, with an outcome that looks promissing. So I want to say “thanks” to two open-source products that accompanied me for the past 30 hours. As you can see this website (prototype) is build with WordPress and Foundation. And this was totally unshure utill saturday evening.

In my dayjob I´m used to work with Drupal and Bootstrap. The reason why I looked for new tools to build JS.ORG is that Drupal as well as Bootstrap announced new major releases already some time ago, but neither of them is ready to use. And because building JS.ORG with frameworks that will be outdated soon (almost certain till the end of 2015) is a not so superb outlook.

So I decided to go with WordPress and Foundation.
Untill now (as said 30 hours) I´m very pleased with my decision. A vital contribution that made my fist steps in new territory painless is the great work of Ole Fredrik Lie and his FoundationPress, the perfect crossover to start the project with.

For all the Ninjas out there…

ninjaThis website has a unique feature for true JS-enthusiasts – the “ninja-mode”.  Experience the power of darkness and secrecy! You can find a toggle in the navigationbar.

A nice sideeffect of looking at JS.ORG in ninja-mode is that your coding abilities will get superior in no time… ok, maybe it takes some time and continuity. So come back whenever your code gets messy!